A letter to you

Here’s a letter to you.

“If I give up all of me, will you show me all of you?”

“Like if I shit on all my fears, will I live up to my potential?”

When I wonder if I’m blessed, I can feel the proof.

“You stood strong, through all the shit you been through.”

“Everybody make mistakes, don’t let em shame you.”

“Stay open, don’t let that pain close you”

“Find the lesson in the pain, let it grow you.”

“Take time to heal, all the time you need to.”

“You give all this advice, you need to take it too!”

“You got this baby, you know you got this.”
Aye, here’s a letter to you.

To the new you,

“Dedicate yourself to becoming a better you. ”

“Better health, clearer mind, and a lil soul food.”

“Put yourself first, sometimes you have to…

Speak yo mind. Take some risks, have some fun too.”

“You are free to grow up, evolve boo.”

“They smilin down, you know, they proud of you.”

“It’s okay to toot yo horn, I mean, look at you.”

“A lil diesel for ya tank but practice humility.”

“Distance yaself from the fakes, why they in ya vicinity?”

Drama in my mind space, it will not live in me.

Thank the Lord for the blessings. Thanks for choosing me.

Hey, Here’s a letter to you.

To the old me, I love you.

To the new me, I embrace you.

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