The Central Nervous System

“The central nervous system (CNS) is the processing center for the nervous system.” (Bailey). “The brain is the center of one’s thoughts, perceptions, and emotions. It is the interpreter of our external environment, and the origin of control over body movement. (Reeve). All thoughts that flow through the mind, every action and emotion experienced in the world flows through the CNS. When triggered, the central nervous system initiates a system of physical reactions, which interprets and communicates experiences, thoughts, feelings and movements to the rest of the body, via a network of organs, cells and neurons. The magnitude and duration of the stressor is significant because when any trigger exceeds a certain magnitude it activates the central nervous system’s adaptive response. (Macdonald). When there is no threat, the body systems function as it ought to; however, when those thought or emotional patterns produce negative emotions, other systems of the body are activated to physically prepare the body for a possible threat. This threat causes the body to work harder to stay alert.

Have you ever thought “today will be a great day” and you just feel great? Have you ever thought you were a failure after you lost your job and just felt crappy?




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