Understanding the Effects of Inflamed Thinking

Do not underestimate the power of thoughts. Thoughts can affect a person in many different ways. Thoughts help create the reality experienced, whether that experience is good or bad, all of it is determined by thoughts. Thoughts can create emotional states, and emotions create physical states, which affects health; negatively or positively. Thoughts even influence what one does and says to others. No matter what the situation or circumstances, every action that is made stems from thought. Thoughts triggers emotions, which turn into actions, and finally results. (Psitek). “Thoughts and feelings that generate within the mind can influence the outpouring of hormones from the endocrine system. The hormones released in response controls much of what transpires within the body.” (MacDonald). Everyone experiences having a magnitude of things on their mind, but the type of thoughts or feelings that are being produced comes with effects. People have a distorted view of the world when the mind is in a negative state. It becomes a cycle where negative thoughts reinforce negative emotions, which in turn produces negative actions and results.

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