Basically, Brown Podcast

Basically we’re Brown Women discussing Brown life, topics, & opinions … We hope to educate, influence, and create healthy dialogue. While we speak from a Brown point of view, we look to all Colors of Life to gain valuable insight on this journey we call life.

Walk with us.

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Ep. 1 Basically, Love Starts Within

“Basically, Love Starts Within,” provokes thought around the topic of:
The Brown Community x Self-love
+ Helpful Hints.

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ShackFitness iG: Shack_fitness
Milwaukee, WI

Stacey Wines
Nashville, TN

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Ep. 2 Basically Times Up!

This week we’re provoking thought and inspiring action around the topic of: The Brown Community x #MeToo Movement x Times Up! Who played a role ? Where did it start? And with Lisa Borders’ resignation where do we stand now? Let’s talk about it!

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La S.

Elevated Healing

(414) 502-8428

Milwaukee, WI

Brown Estate Winery

(Newly Partnered with Delta Airlines)

IG: @Brownestate

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The basicallybrown
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Ep. 3 Basically, Wyd Sunday?

This week we’re discussing the corner stone of the Brown community … The Church. We’ll cover our upbringings, discuss God/The Universe||our creator, whatever you refer to, Jesus, son of God, and different types of religions. Why are we not in the church like our parents or grandparents were? What’s it going to take for us to get back in the doors? With scandals, misappropriated funding, and other issues … Do we still have faith in the church?
Let’s discuss!

Check out this week’s Brown Bosses!

Vince Lamar Clothier – Specializing in formal clothing (prom, fancy dinners, dances, etc)
IG: vincelamarclothier

Danielle McGee – CEO – Drives customers and revenue to small brown owned businesses by providing awareness & coupons.

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Ep. 4 Basically, the choice is yours.

This week on The Basically Brown Podcast we’re discussing the necessity of college?  Is it for everybody? Do you need to go to be a successful person?

We’re also kicking off our “Hide It, We’ll Find It” series.  The stigma is that if you want to hide something from a person of color, put it in your books, because we don’t read.  We’re looking to kill that by discussing books of substance in our show.  We’re starting with Shook One – Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me, by Charlemagne Tha God.

Mental health has been a widely discussed topic lately in the brown community, from Taraji P. Henson founding the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, to celebrities like Lloyd, Kanye West, and even the Rock speaking out on how mental health issues has plagued them and their families.  We look to join them in conversation and personal experience.   

Won’t you join us? 

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Ashley’s Creations llc

Event Planning & Decorating


Milwaukee WI

Rebecca Clark

Be Heard llc

Children’s bookclub

ep 5 Basically, I’ll Spend My Dollar Where I Want

This week on the Basically Brown podcast we are discussing the brown community & supporting brown bosses. Is it expected? Is it necessary?

Discuss with us!

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Life Empowered Consulting Services

Lorena Abraham

Mexican buffet

Fairview Heights IL

Questions, complaints, comments?

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duration 1h 4m

Ep 6 Basically, celebrities x idols, who do we look up to?

This week on the Basically Brown podcast we are discussing celebrities and idols.

This weeks Brown Bag Talk revolves around the topic of reviving Polygamy!

This Weeks basically brown topic is: Basically, Celebrities X Idols, who do we look up to?

Should we look up to celebrities as our role models? Should we stop the facade and see celebrities as human beings? Should people with a certain status be held to a certain degree of ‘righteousness?’

Find out our perspective during this episode!

Check Out this week’s Brown Bosses!

Ferguson Cleaning Services

services ranging from basic cleanings, eviction cleanouts, car detailing, painting etc.


Contact Trinidad Ochoa Montano on Facebook for a toothpaste that will have your teeth thanking you! Coffee stains, wine stains, even bracket marks from braces can be a thing of the past (and your breath stays fresher and longer than store toothpaste)

If you have questions, comments, or brown bag talk topics, you can always contact us at:

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