Eat Mindfully

Mindful Eating

In simple terms, mindful eating involves developing the ability to focus your attention and becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. The core principles of mindful eating include:

1. Avoid mindlessly eating beyond the point of feeling full. Instead, eat slowly and without distractions. Allow your body time to catch up with your brain, paying attention to your body’s signals and stopping when you are satisfied. You can employ techniques such as adopting traditional manners like sitting down to eat, thoroughly chewing each bite, and setting your fork down between bites.

2. Reflect on the reasons behind your desire to eat and identify any emotions or needs that may be triggering your eating habits. Assess your level of hunger before, during, and after meals.

3. Differentiate between genuine hunger and non-hunger triggers. Consider whether the food you are consuming is healthy or serves as emotional comfort.

4. Observe how different foods make you feel when you taste them and how they impact your overall well-being throughout the day.

5. Engage your senses by consciously noticing the colors, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes of the food you are consuming.

6. Develop gratitude and appreciation for your food. Eat when you are genuinely hungry and take a moment to contemplate where the food originated, the individuals involved in its production, any potential ethical considerations such as animal welfare, organic farming methods, and the level of processing or cooking involved.

These things allow you to replace automatic thoughts and reactions with more conscious, healthier responses. Listen to your[cell]F.

Stress eating can look like feeling stressed, turning to food, feeling guilty, in turn making you turn to food. This can begin a cycle.
Having an unhealthy relationship to food can overpower healthy eating.

Source: Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, @zenhabitats

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