Commitment is a choice & ignites action. When you commit to something, you are making a conscious decision to pursue it, be dedicated/devoted, to give your all. Ie: I decided to give my heart to them. I chose them. I chose this career path etc. You can choose to be committed to something/someone, & at any point no want to longer be. If an unexpected obstacle arises, someone who is committed will not freak out and get angry like someone who is attached. They will take the necessary action steps needed to get the job done. It gives the freedom to take what comes and move on. Practice being committed to your partner, as they are, where they are, and offering them the space to be free at the same time, remaining individual people & not ‘losing yourself’ or wanting to consume the other person/situation. This means allowing them to choose you, or not, and to be okay with whatever choice they make. Their commitment is because they value you and want to be there, rather than feel as though they are bound to you out of obligation.
Commit to your career goals & dreams rather than attach yourself to a very specific way of life. – have you ever been frustrated that something didn’t go as planned. If you’re upset, its bc you’re attached to something.

To be attached means to be emotionally involved and latched on to a specific outcome. It ignites worry, sets expectations (that do not always match up), and self-doubt. When you create something you want in life, you create an attachment as well. When you are attached to something, you are not actively choosing to be. Attachment is passive. Ie: i fell in love, they stole my heart. It happens on its own without your conscious permission. Unlike commitment, when you are attached it is a process to no longer be and cannot happen overnight. When you become attached to an outcome that others experience, you become vulnerable to their definitions of success and their judgments.

Attachment limits possibility, leads to confinement and dependence, while commitment opens possibility. Is your relarelationship becoming more constricted over time or ever more open?


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