Adrenal Glands x Mind-Body Connection E-course

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This course is designed for a better understanding of the adrenal glands, its function, and the relevance to the mind-body connection. It is important to address and understand the root cause of a concern, not only for yourself, but for clients if you are in the field to serve them. The depth of the education may better assist by having more science-based understanding of the body’s needs and how it functions. The emotional development and ability to cope with stress is a vital factor in ones being, and it is never too late to learn how to heal the body and mind. It is important to learn to cope, understand your own triggers, and/or a client’s personal triggers, and overcome them with respect to each organ. Each organ has certain emotions tied to it, as in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Energy from internalized emotions, and emotions and/or trauma left unchecked, have a greater impact on organs because of the transfer of negative or positive hormones to their connected organs. It is important to understand that thoughts and emotions affect health, how thoughts and emotions affect the health, and how to manage it. Nothing manifests without it first starting as thought and e(nergy in)motion. This course is intended to bridge the gap between mental, e(nergy)motional, spiritual, and physical health with science-based education. 

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