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Know Better. Do Better. Feel Better. Choose An Enlightenment Session below YouTube Channel Friend’Em Enlightenment + Education Gripping the Wheel – Goals Session Meditation Poetry Slam Private Session Basically, Brown Podcast Worry, Distrust, + Anxie-TEA Music Make/Write Instruments Fitness Dance Legs Get It On Jazz Tap Dance Ballet African Yoga Aerial Pole Dance Sports SkatingContinue reading “Sample Page”

The Cause of Lupus Theory – Full

06/2016 version Table of Contents Introduction Understanding Lupus Synopsis Story Understanding Emotions & Fear Understanding the Impact of Childhood Trauma Understanding the Brain Adult Survivors of Traumatic Events The Autonomic Nervous System The Central Nervous System (CNS) Understanding the Effects of Inflamed Thinking The Role of Rumination Understanding the Conscious Mind Understanding the Subconscious MindContinue reading “The Cause of Lupus Theory – Full”

Lupie No More 2k18

I typically don’t like to share stuff like this degree because it makes me vulnerable and I’m a thug; however, its #LupusAwarenessMonth so I’ll share a part of my story, not only for me, but hopefully it will help another. I never really claim lupus, because why would I claim something ion want?! IContinue reading “Lupie No More 2k18”

L-Theanine: Tea’s Amino Acid for Overall Wellness

Originally published on HVMN by Jamie Witherby. Tea: coffee’s coy competitor in the cutthroat—yet throat-soothing—world of hot beverages. Both provide daily stimulant boosts, both are great to share with a loved one, and both are steeped in rich and complex histories. But popular teas (like green tea, black tea, and even tea extract and teaContinue reading “L-Theanine: Tea’s Amino Acid for Overall Wellness”

Understanding Stress

Stress is the state of mental tension. The psychology definition of stress is the process by which one perceives and responds to certain events, or stressors which are viewed as challenging. Stressors are triggers which can be physically, emotionally, or spiritually harmful. (Macdonald). Over 110 million people die every year as a direct result ofContinue reading “Understanding Stress”

Understanding the Immune System

The immune system is the body’s form of defense. It is comprised of organs, tissues, and cell products that all work together to fight harmful substances such as pathogens that cause infection and disease. The ability to fight off illness and disease depends on several factors, but the way one reacts to stress, and theContinue reading “Understanding the Immune System”

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