LegaSE – Spiritual Enlightenment


We are dedicated to providing education to promote love, health & healing for individuals through understanding and art, while empowering individuals to make more conscious and educated decisions regarding their health. Also in bringing businesses together who value building a healthy community.


 Foundation Posts:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Emotional suppression is the tendency to stop the expression on emotion. The ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks all knew emotional distress could resurface as disease; therefore, the art of healing were practiced differently. Each emotion is linked to a certain organ, and our emotions, coupled with stress can affect us physically. ie: anxiety before a presentation resulting in diarrhea/bubble guts or sweaty palms, being stressed then catching a cold.

Our Core Values

Integrity. Trust. Openness. Unity. Faith. Light. Peace. Healing. Health. Truth. Hope. Love

We are constantly updating information to the most up to date version.