About Us

LegaSE – Spiritual Enlightenment
Providing Health Education, + Enlightenment sessions for healing.
Bridging the gap between the spiritual/e-motional, science, and reality.

LegaSE Spiritual Enlightenment offers an alternative approach to your health through a specialized health education program. Promoting health + healing through understanding the mind-body connection, by empowering individuals to make healthier choices regarding their health. We assist in building a healthy community while assisting individuals in becoming more mindful/aware of their individual triggers, healthier ways to cope & express themselves. If you know better, we hope it inspires you to do better, so you can feel better. We build on education, healthy emotions, self love, acknowledging & coping with triggers
When one visits a hospital/doctor’s office – they are typically not assessed mentally and emotionally, yet this component is so important in addition to caring for our physical health! We are dedicated to bringing businesses together with like missions.

Our Core Values
Integrity. Trust. Openness. Unity. Faith. Light. Peace. Healing. Health. Truth. Hope. Love

We are constantly updating information to the most up to date version. This page belongs to us all. Everyone has contributed in some way. Credits go out to everyone that has shared their art and information with the world in any way. LegaSE is created to bring it all together.
Nothing physical manifests without it first starting as thought + e[nergy]motion.

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