LegaSE – Spiritual Enlightenment

We are dedicated to providing information to promote healthier individuals through understanding.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Emotional suppression is the tendency to stop the expression on emotion. The ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks all knew emotional distress could resurface as disease; therefore, the art of healing were practiced differently. Each emotion is linked to a certain organ, and our emotions, coupled with stress can affect us physically. ie: anxiety before a presentation resulting in diarrhea/bubble guts or sweaty palms, being stressed then catching a cold.
LegaSE is dedicated to providing information, bringing businesses together who value building a healthy community. We are dedicated to help individuals become more mindful/aware of their individual triggers, healthier ways to cope & express their selves etc.

LegaSE builds on the healthy emotions & positivity. Teach/learn to love thyself. Acknowledge & cope with triggers with ultimate goal promoting healthier individuals.

Our Core Values

Integrity. Trust. Openness. Unity. Faith. Light. Peace. Healing. Health. Truth. Hope. Love

We are constantly updating information to the most up to date version.