About Us

LegaSE – Spiritual Enlightenment

Providing Health Education,  + Enlightenment sessions for healing.

We are dedicated to bringing businesses together to help promote health & healing through understanding + art, with hopes of empowering individuals to make healthier choices regarding their health by understanding the mind/body connection. If you know better, we hope it inspires you to do better, so you can feel better.

LegaSE assists in building a healthy community and assisting individuals in becoming more mindful/aware of their individual triggers, healthier ways to cope & express their selves etc.

LegaSE builds on education, healthy emotions, self love, acknowledging & coping with triggers. Our ultimate goal being to promote healthier individuals.

Our Core Values

Integrity. Trust. Openness. Unity. Faith. Light. Peace. Healing. Health. Truth. Hope. Love

We are constantly updating information to the most up to date version.