Self-Care Practices with HigherDOSE


The Ultimate Self-Care Ritual Image Source Give yourself permission to practice self-care rituals that prioritize your own standards of happiness. In today’s busy, over-stimulated world, taking the time to slow down can often feel overly indulgent and unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. Allowing yourself the time and space to rest and revive is one of the best ways to stimulate clarity...

Gripping The Wheel Workshop


Saturday April 7th 2018 Joshjuan Jones + Chakeria Woods hosted a goal setting event presented by The Impel Project and LegaSE. The Gripping the Wheel event empowered professionals in the Nashville area + provided them with the tools and knowledge needed to language goals to see tangible results. Guest speaker Anthony “Astro” Bowers gave real life lessons on how he began his journey as an...

Private Session


Chakras can become blocked through emotional upset: conflict, loss or accident etc. Fear, anxiety, and stress are also common causes of chakra malfunction. In these sessions we explore things holding you back, health & disease blockages. Etc. Let us assist you. **Please fill out the Contact Us form explaining your chosen concern/topic you have concerns about. CHOOSE A PACKAGE Option 1 (1) E...

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