The Chakra System – 4. HEART

Heart Chakra Video

The heart chakra is green and at the center of the heart.

It represents the AIR element in the body governed by air signs:

  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Aquarius

The Heart chakra is the center of love and represents: unconditional love, the emotion of love flows out from here. It represents forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, peace, wellbeing, understanding, balance, group consciousness, oneness with life, openness, healing, harmony, ability to love & be loved, being worthy of love, and enjoying what we love.

We fall in love through our heart chakra, then that feeling of unconditional love moves to the emotional center commonly known as the solar plexus. After that it moves into the sexual center or root chakra where strong feelings of attraction can be released. When these energies move into the root chakra we may have the desire to marry and settle down.

This chakra anchors life force from higher self. It energizes the blood and physical body with life force, and regulates blood circulation, and also regulates the immune system.

The Heart chakra is green. Green is the color and contain energies of nature, fertility, life. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green symbolizes the master healer, life force, and money. Eating raw green foods is good for health. Change and transformation is necessary for growth.

What drains this chakra: sadness, depression, hate, cruelty, impatience, rejection, grief, despair, envy

What strengthens this chakra: courage, righteousness, love/self love, joy, happiness, compassion, confidence, inspiration, hope, generosity

You cannot truly love another again if you are filled with the grief of losing someone from your past. Only then will you be able to love another once again.

blockages manifest as/in:

  • Heart conditions/palpitations
  • Asthma/breathing problems
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Blood circulation system
  • Skin
  • Lungs/ lung cancer
  • Pain in upper back
  • Lack of compassion
  • Pneumonia
  • Large intestine
  • Thymus
    • The thymus contains glandular tissue and produces sever hormones closely related to immune function more so than endocrine. Thymus role is in training and development of t-lymphocytes “t-cells” (white blood cells)
  • Ribcage
  • Diaphragm
  • Shoulders
  • Breasts
  • Esophagus
  • Seclusion
  • Inability to offer unconditional love to someone/something
  • Thoracic spine
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Repress of love
  • Emotional instability
  • Chest pain
  • Decreased oxygen in the blood
  • Constipation
  • High blood pressure

Proverbs 11:17 Your kindness will reward you, but your cruelty will destroy you.

Matthew 24: 10 And many will turn away from me and betray and hate each other

Galatians 5:22 22 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

Galatians 5:19 – 23 19 When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, 21 envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God. 22 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

Matthew 14:27 27 But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage. I am here!”

Titus 2:12 And we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. We should live in this evil world with wisdom, righteousness, and devotion to God,

Psalms 143:7 Come quickly, Lord, and answer me, for my depression deepens. Don’t turn away from me, or I will die.

Ecclesiates 7:3 Sorrow is better than laughter, for sadness has a refining influence on us.

Psalms 31: 10 I am dying from grief; my years are shortened by sadness. Sin has drained my strength; I am wasting away from within.

1 Timothy 6:11 But you, Timothy, are a man of God; so run from all these evil things. Pursue righteousness and a godly life, along with faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness.

The Chakra System – 3. SOLAR PLEXUS 

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is located a few inches above the navel. This chakra is concerned with your digestive system, muscles, pancreas and adrenals. It also regulates metabolism.

Represents the FIRE element in the body governed by fire signs

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius
The shade of yellow determines the meaning. Pure, bright and sunny yellow is the easiest color to see. Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy. Yellow symbolizes wisdom, joy, and happiness. Like the energy of a bright sunny day, yellow brings clarity and awareness.
Yellow-green can mean deceit, and creates a disoriented feeling.
Orange-yellow imparts a sense of establishment.
Clean light yellow clears the mind, making it active and alert.


This chakra deals with growth and pertains to issues of the intellect, personal power, confidence, thoughts, understanding of feelings, the ability to be in control of our lives, and spiritual evolution. Is is also about being able to deal with things, ‘how you digest your life.’ an you stand up for yourself? Are you strong and courageous, worthy of love and respect? Do you feel strong in your body and in the world? Fire is action and transformation. Allowing yourself to grow and become a better version of yourself means taking action and leaving behind what no longer works for you. It defines personality as how we perceive and are perceived by the world. It is the seat of your emotional life/ a mental understanding of emotions. Laughter, joy and anger are associated with this center. Your sensitivity, ambition and ability to achieve are also stored here. It deals with being free to choose your path in any situation, being proud of your achievements and being the master of your own destiny. To know where you’re going and how to get there. To understand you have the strength to achieve your goals This chakra also regulates metabolism.

Negative emotions that draw energy from this chakra & weakens it as a result: worry, anxiety, mistrust, anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, rage, aggression, fear of secrets being found out, shame, and criticism.

Positive emotions that add energy to this chakra & strengthens it: fairness, openness, trust, happiness, kindness, and generosity

Blockage may manifest in/as:

  • Spleen
  • Stomach
  • Pancreas
  • Adrenals
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver
  • Eyes
  • Digestive system
  • Bladder
  • Spine
  • Intestines
  • Muscles
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Intestinal tumor
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis/Pancreas
  • Indigestion
  • Hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Adrenal imbalances
  • Arthritis
  • Colon diseases
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Upper back/spine
  • Eating disorders
  • Lack of direction
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of vision
  • Fear of rejection
  • Oversensitivity to criticism
  • Self image fears
  • Indecisiveness
  • Lack of confidence
  • Procrastination
  • Doubt
  • Mistrust toward others
  • Worrying about others perceptions of you
  • Seeks approval
  • Weight probs
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Color disease
  • Poor decision
  • Poor concentration
  • Trouble taking action and getting things done.
  • Inability to judge situation accurately
  • Difficulty eliminating waste produced by digestion
  • Production of more cholesterol
  • Bile production becomes imbalanced, impairing digestion
  • Blood stagnates in the liver, reducing its ability to detoxify the body
  • Severe emotional problems

Philippians 4: 6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

Proverbs 12: 25 Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.

Proverbs 3: 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

Proverbs 23: 17 Don’t envy sinners, but always continue to fear the Lord.

Proverbs 3: 31 Don’t envy violent people or copy their ways.

James 1:20 – 21 Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires. So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the word God has planted in your hearts, for it has the power to save your souls.

1 Peter 2 : 1 So get rid of all evil behavior. Be done with all deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech.

Proverbs 14: 29 – 30 People with understanding control their anger; a hot temper shows great foolishness. A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones.

1 Timothy 6: 18 Tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others.


The Chakra System – 2. SACRAL

The Sacral chakra represents the water element in the body, governed by water signs

  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

Its color is orange and it is located between the base of your spine and your navel.

Orange color meaning: relates to our gut reaction/instinct. stimulates an inspiration to create, reproductive organs, creativity, enthusiasm, productivity and emotional feelings. It is a color of good health, healing, vitality & excitement.

Orange also represents productivity, it is sociable, and courageous. Orange means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun.

The sacral chakra can be seen as the sex chakra. (sexual/creative energy) It represents emotion, family, desire, fantasy, pleasure, sexuality, intimate love, procreation, creativity, sensuality, ability to accept relationships/situations on an emotional level, and energy & passion on a spiritual level, being able to relate, sociability, reproduction on a physical level, and being able to experience the sensation of feelings.

It controls sexual development, and also secretes sex hormones. It regulates the immune system and metabolism. This chakra deals with honoring relationships and learning to let go.

This chakra is strengthened by: sensuality, sexuality, creativity

This chakra is blocked by: guilt/greed

When unbalanced psychological/emotional problems may manifest as:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Unable to feel deeply or enjoy physical emotional sensations
  • Blame
  • Guilt
  • Co-dependency
  • Insecurity
  • Control
  • Emotional problems with sex
  • Ignoring ethical standards in exchange for money, power, or sex
  • Plotting revenge
  • Fear of change
  • Addiction
  • Unemotional
  • Morality
  • Infertility
  • Creative blocks
  • Sense of victimization
  • Misuse of your/others sexual energy
  • Lost in fantasies
  • Negative destructive emotions.

When this chakra is blocked with stagnant energy physical symptoms may manifest as/in:

  • Womb
  • Genitals
  • Kidney
  • Hips/Hip Pain
  • Bladder
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Lower back/ Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • OBGYN issues
  • Infertility
  • Pelvic pain
  • Urinary tract/problems
  • Reproductive organs (Ovaries. Testes)
  • Lower abdomen
  • Circulatory system
  • Reproductive organs and glands
  • Adrenals
  • Spleen
  • Gallbladder
  • Aura
  • Allergies
  • Impotence
  • Frigidity
  • Candida
  • Eating disorders

When balanced: a person radiates warmth and is able to speak about emotions openly. Brings powerful and natural feeling of intimacy to individual. You have to let go of what you are guilty of. You cannot experience true pleasure if you have guilt with experiencing them. You will be stuck, and unable to move forward.

Before having sex, think about:

  • Does he/she love themself?
  • Does they love you?
  • Do you love yourself?
  • What’s been on his mind?

That info is going into your body. Secret fears, frustrations, insecurities etc.

When a woman allows a man to enter her, he is either giving or taking vital energy; however, he can only give it, if he has it

Energy directed toward obsessing over person feeding their ego and holding them in the light depletes your life force. While the other persons is replenished.

Energy suckers – drained energy around person

Watch who your energy increases/decreases around


The Chakra System – 1. ROOT 

FEAR — Video

There are 7 major energy systems in your body. When they become blocked, they can manifest with physical symptoms.
The root chakra is located at the base of your spine.

The root is red. Red is the longest wave length, and known to increase physical energy. The color red represents: Passion, spontaneity, vitality, stamina, grounding, stability, strength, warmth, security, courage, creativity, power, love, fiery, anger. It excites/energizes.

On the flip side it can represent danger, warning, assertiveness, aggressiveness. It is domineering, tiring, angry, quick tempered, ruthless, fearful, intolerant, rebellious, obstinate, resentful, and violent.

In the aura – red = materialism, materialistic, ambition, focus, sensual pleasures, quick temper.

Your root connects your spiritual body with the physical & anchors your body to earth.

Root deals with: safety, security, survival, and finances.

It governs a person’s relationship with both the basic physical necessities of life (food, water, shelter) & fundamental psychological factors required for mental psychological facets required for mental health. (trust, acceptance, comfort). It governs emotional needs such as letting go of fear, and physical energy – (life force energy). It deals with basic human instincts for survival feeling rooted/grounded. It gives a sense of security safety stability and reality. It also controls sexual development and secretes sex hormones.

Psychologically the root also governs your confidence, and fight or flight instinct. — This is your acute stress response – an immediate physical reaction to something in the world.

It represents the EARTH element in your body governed by earth signs

  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Capricorn

The EARTH element represents your connection to the physical world.
This chakra is blocked by: FEAR

You won’t pursue your dreams if you are afraid of what others will think. You cannot protect yourself from intruders, if you are afraid of death/consequences.

This chakra is strengthened by:

  • Gentleness.
  • Calmness.
  • Silence
  • Abundance

A blocked root may manifest as:

  • Sexual dysfunction/underactive sex drive
  • Insecurity
  • Living on survival mode
  • Depression
  • Eating disorder
  • Aggressiveness
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Mistrust
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of physical energy
  • Volatile emotions
  • Obsession
  • Selfishness
  • Procrastination
  • Defensiveness
  • Lack of confidence if one is outside of comfort zone.
  • Nervous system disorder
  • Loss of life force
  • Body becomes acidic
  • Knot in abdomen

Believing money creates stability can also block the root chakra.

How secure you feel now often has to do with how safe you felt as a child. (Trust vs. mistrust.) As infants if your care givers readily gave you what you needed to survive consistently, you felt secure.

Physical symptoms may manifest in/as:

  • Spine/Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Kidneys
  • Varicose veins
  • Rectal tumor
  • Depression
  • Immune related disorder
  • Colon issues
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Adrenal glands
  • Bones
  • Rectum
  • Teeth
  • Women – Ovary problems
  • Men – prostate problems / testes

When your basic needs are met, you feel safe and secure in the world and tend to worry less and less each day.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

Colossians 3:12 Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

Hebrews 13:6 so we can say with confidence “The Lord is my helper so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”

Lupie No More x Lupie No More Theory

Faith x Fear both require you to believe in something you cannot see. If you had no fear, what would you do? Who instilled the spirit of fear in you? There’s no growth in a comfort zone. #FEARCannotLiveHere Faith x Fear

inspired by Melva Monroe-Henderson ‘s Faces of Fear

The word of God says he has not given a spitit of fear.
The load youre carrying is heavy, and its not even your load to carry.
Set it down.

There are 2 main emotions. Fear x Love. *There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out all fear. Fear has to do w punishment, so whoever fears, has not been perfected in love.* Negative emotions stem from fear. Positive from love. Are your moves rooted in fear, or love?

I don’t believe God makes a lock w.out a key. I don’t believe we were made to have diseases. I think once we started following our egos against the word we came to issues… bc before we followed our own mind, the world was made w.out void.

The wound may not be your fault, but healing that wound is your responsibility…if not, you bleed on the people who didnt cut you. Break the curse.

side note: instead of a swear jar, i need to start an ‘um/like’ jar. 😩
#LaughLoveThinkFacts 😂💜💭💯


I think we have so many people out of wack because they don’t know and accept who they are. People don’t understand how vulnerable a growing brain is…. Teenagers are trying to raise children and they are subjected to seeing everything thinking they won’t be affected…they are affected.

They tell you, you need money to raise a kid etc but forget to say be emotionally & mentally sound…but for brown people we were doomed from the start. Think about our grandparents, great grandparents, and before that… we’ve always been subjected to growing up seeing slavery stuff, hate, abuse, etc. We’ve never been emotionally sound. The things a child sees, how they were raised, will affect the things they do, the way they think, the way they are etc. ….children are not resilient, they see and pick up on everything no matter how people try to fake it in front of them. A child picks up on that fake smile, that low self-esteem, how to be manipulated, and how to manipulate etc.

How we see our parents handle disputes or people we grew up around is how we ultimately learn to handle disputes, and most of the time it isn’t healthy…. & we don’t know it isn’t healthy because we unconsciously seek people who will comply with our behavior…. We will ultimately treat our significant other how our parents treat/treated each other. They say kids re-enact events through play, I think we re-enact events through LIFE. It is time to break the curse.

We are our parents, and attracted to people like our parents… We look for people to comply with our behavior, and ignore our insecurities. It’s not our fault, we are programed to unconsciously just mimic what we see… but it can be corrected if you want to….it’s just the work to reverse behavior.

How can people raise children to be sound individuals, individuals that will eventually be competent enough to take care of us, that will run the world if the people who raise them mindsets and emotions aren’t sound? They unknowing pass “it” (their own mindsets/emotion patterns) down from generation to generation. … They say disease is genetic, and I agree in a sense….but I think mindsets and emotion patterns…if not genetic, are surely “contagious” to a growing brain…and we get set in our ways. A person who rejects knowledge is a fool. We have the right to read and write, and we choose not to.

I believe you have to know, and accept who you are before you know who you will be. I think a person’s biggest blessing is in their life lesson…learn your lesson, let it go, break the curse, live right….and glow up All I can say to you is just let it go. Whatever negative emotion you breed, let it go. That secret you hide with shame, let it go. Emotions are meant to be felt in the present and let go. Let your E stay in motion lol.

We’ve learned to attach our emotions to peoples actions…detach. You are only responsible for yourself. Our experiences shape who we are, the choices we make, the things we say, everything. People make choices based on their own needs, and past experiences, we all have different experiences so we all handle things differently. People’s actions aren’t always because of you, sometimes it’s what a person hides, and has been through. Give them love, and give them time. Understand that people are who they are and we can’t MAKE them change. We can only accept them for who they are, try to understand them, and show the right direction to go in & know that their love for us is pure… actions are just off sometimes…OR let them go….

Our secrets destroy us. We try to hide things for fear of being rejected and/or criticized. It destroys love, but perfect unfailing love expels all fear. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate. So why don’t we try to understand each other? We let our emotions take over. Our secrets will forever haunt us until we let go. We must learn to communicate with one another instead of acting on impulse. Once you let “it” go, and learn not to attach your emotions to people’s actions you will create peace in your world. Fully accept and embrace who you are, and spread that beaYOUty with the world. Society has us so bent on looking at other people, we forget to look and care for ourselves.

On an airplane they say, put your oxygen mask on before helping anyone else….People make choices for them. Make choices for YOU. Take care of YOU. Do something that will make YOU happy. I don’t care if they told you you’re good at math, if you love ballet, do ballet. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Your only responsibility is yourself. Take time to learn who you are, what you want, what you love, accept yourself…flaws and all. Grow from them.

Work on you first, you can’t love a person more than you love yourself. It won’t work. One thing I hate is being compared; it creates jealousy and/or depression. Don’t compare yourself to me, don’t compare yourself to anyone. We ALL have flaws, who are we to judge? We ALL need each other. Why do we use people as a step ladder to get ahead? We will still need a teacher to teach our children, we will still need someone to sell us that car, we still need someone to build that house, and we will still go through that fast food drive thru line. We are all here for a purpose. Find out what it is. It’s not about money, that will come with living right.

Don’t be a bag lady and miss your bus. Let “it” go, and figure out what greatness you’re going to be. You better Dream ladies and gents! There are no limits, anything is possible with work & if we live right… it’s our God given right. Be like the ants, its time to work. It is time to break this curse brown people. The time is now.

With love,



I Get Out – Lauryn Hill