Well Hello Mr. Grumpy Gills…

“When a cartoon character gets angry, steams comes out the ears, red creeps over the body from head to toe and there may even be an explosion or two. It’s not as entertaining to watch in real life, but the state of anger causes physical effects in us as well. The response varies from personContinue reading “Well Hello Mr. Grumpy Gills…”

Ketosis Fundamentals

Originally posted by HVMN Authored by Brady Holmer • July 15, 2019 • 29 min read ketosisketo-dietexogenous-ketones Browse the shelves of any supermarket, and you’ll probably notice that a new category of products has emerged. Some go by names like “fat bombs” or “keto cookies” and all are designed to be included in a dietContinue reading “Ketosis Fundamentals”

The Chakra System – 1. ROOT 

FEAR — Video There are 7 major energy systems in your body. When they become blocked, they can manifest with physical symptoms. The root chakra is located at the base of your spine. The root is red. Red is the longest wave length, and known to increase physical energy. The color red represents: Passion, spontaneity,Continue reading “The Chakra System – 1. ROOT “

All Affirmations

[[You typically can not heal the root causes of ailments with affirmations. If you don’t do the core emotional healing and inner child work you will continue to suffer from addictions, cravings, be stuck in unhealthy relationships.]] Words of Affirmation Meditation A Abdominal Cramps: Fear. Stopping the process. Affirmation: I trust the process of life.Continue reading “All Affirmations”

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