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Sacral Therapy


Sacral therapy: Eat orange-coloured foods, such as carrots, oranges and capsicums, seeds, nuts Be gentle and kind to yourself Have a long bath with lots of gorgeous bath oil and candles Watch some romantic movies (alone or with someone else!) Celebrate the little achievements in life Visualise orange pouring into this chakra Do what makes you happy Dance Relax near water Sing Confidence building...

Love Me, Don’t Leave Me


Being abandoned or given up on is the most devastating emotions we can cause in another human being. – Gary David Currie      What is Abandonment? Abandonment issues stem from life experiences that leave one feeling like they could not rely on others to take care of them and be there for them. Abandonment trauma typically stems from childhood loss, such as the loss of a parent through death...

Stress Yields Behavioral Effects


A widely used definition of stressful situations is one in which the demands of the situation threaten to exceed the resources of the individual. Stressors have a major influence on a person’s mood, sense of well-being, behavior, and health. Acute stress responses in young, healthy individuals may be adaptive and typically do not impose a health burden; however, if the threat is...

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