LegaSE Spiritual Enlightenment offers an alternative approach to your health. We aim to build a healthy community, assisting individuals in becoming more mindful and aware of their individual triggers, and finding healthier ways to cope, and express themselves. If you know better, we hope it inspires you to do better, so you can feel better. We build on education, healthy emotions, self love, and acknowledging & coping with triggers. We are dedicated to bringing businesses together with like missions.

LegaSE Spiritual Enlightenment

Providing Information, Enlightenment Sessions, Products, and Services to promote health, healing, wellness, love, and growth.

About LegaSE Spiritual Enlightenment

About The Founder

LegaSE (Legacy) Spiritual Enlightenment was founded by Entrepreneurial Health Education Specialist & Advocate Chakeria Woods in 2015 with 10+ years of diverse experience in the healthcare industry. A graduate of Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She has a proven ability to create safe spaces for learning, healing, and exploration in diverse settings. An adept leader with a great understanding of medical terminology, and passion for educating on behavioral health, empowering individuals to make healthier choices regarding their health, and promoting health and healing through understanding the mind-body connection.

Her passion in healthcare began with having many family members diagnosed with medical conditions. Her determination to learn more about how the body functions grew after being diagnosed and struggling with exacerbated skin problems, and Lupus SLE. The passion was further inspired with the realization that we each hold our own health in our hands, and sometimes we make ourselves suffer unknowingly. “Could I have caused this myself? Am I really stressed? How do I stop stressing? What is the root cause?” The emotional development and ability to cope with stress is vital factor in ones being, and it is never too late to learn how to heal the body and mind. Every individual must understand how their thoughts and emotions can affect their health, learn how to manage stress, how to cope in a healthy manner, and understand what triggers our individual stress responses.

When Chakeria was in the hospital, although mainly intended to treat an immediate medical condition, was not assessed mentally or emotionally. Chakeria unknowingly made herself suffer for years; simply because she had no idea she was stressing. If a person is able to self-destruct they are able to self-heal, and her passion lies in assisting and educating others so they can be relieved from suffering.

When one visits a hospital/doctor’s office, patients should be assessed mentally and emotionally. This component is so important in addition to caring for our physical health as many illnesses manifest physical symptoms because the mental and/or emotional health has gone untreated for too long.

Nothing physical manifests without it first starting as thought and e(nergy)motion.
What’s on your mind?

Our Core Values: Integrity. Trust. Openness. Unity. Faith. Light. Peace. Healing. Health. Truth. Alignment. Hope. Love.

We are constantly updating information to the most up to date version. No copyright infringement intended. Credits go out to everyone that has shared their art and information with the world in any way. LegaSE is created to bring it all together. Please contact us for any questions, comments, or concerns

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