If You Could Learn or Change One Thing About Your Health (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and/or Physical)
What Would It Be?

Do you often experience anxiety, depression, fatigue, poor concentration, high stress levels, or trouble processing strong emotions? Do you ‘trust no one?’ Is your ‘go to’ de-stressor a drink or a smoke? Do you need to ‘smoke before you eat?’ Do you eat more when you’re stressed or emotional? Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you want to chat and learn alternative ways to manage it?
An alternative approach to your health, healing, and wellness through understanding the mind-body connection may be beneficial for your needs.

The intention of this service is to focus on improving and healing your health and grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and/or physically. I will assist you as you embrace techniques for healing, love, health, peace, reducing stress, effectively and positively coping through life’s challenges, and as you embrace sharing your feelings in a safe and comfortable space. As you heal the internal blockages, you may notice positive change externally.

The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of our health can all influence and affect each other. Most times our physical health is affected because we have let our mental, emotional, and spiritual health run unchecked for too long.

‘Nothing physical manifests without it first starting as thought + e[nergy in] motion.
So let’s start there.
What’s on your mind?


‘ReWrite The Story’

The intention of this service is to bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions, and/or behaviors to help you become more self-aware, to set goals for your future, and to learn alternative management skills for a positive and healthier outcome.

Includes: Introduction meeting
Goal setting
(2) 30-minute Video calls
Stress Reduction
Healthier coping methods
Estimated session time: 30 – 90 days

Stress Reduction Session

The intention of this service is to provide stress reduction techniques, enlightenment, and knowledge for healthy stress reduction. This is by email, video or phone call.
Estimated session time: 30 – 60 minutes


The intention of this service is to bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions, and/or behavior to help you become more self-aware.

Includes: Introduction meeting
(1) 30-minute Video call
Estimated session time: 7 – 14 days

Vent Session

In these sessions, I simply care, and provide a safe space to vent your feelings. Sometimes there is not much we can do to change a situation; however, expressing ourselves can be cathartic. I may ask questions for clarity. If you ask for my opinion, I will give it. This is by phone or video.
Estimated session time: 30 – 45 minutes


Hi, Thank you so much for this, this really is helpful and interesting. It all makes so much sense too! I will definitely have a go at my homework. Thank you so much xxx


 This information offered by you is very helpful for accurate planning. Thank you for your insight.


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