If You Could Learn or Change One Thing About Your Health (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and/or Physical)
What Would It Be?

An alternative approach to your health, healing, and wellness through health coaching and understanding the mind-body connection may be beneficial for your needs.

The intention of these services is to implement behavior change in the area of your choosing. As we focus on your goals, health, and growth, I will be your partner as you embrace techniques for healing, wellness, as you navigate change mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or behaviorally. As you heal the internal blockages, such as limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and/or external blockages, you may notice positive change externally.

‘Nothing physical manifests without it first starting as thought + e[nergy in] motion.
So let’s start there.
What’s on your mind?

Our Services

Free Consultations

Free consultation to ask any questions, gain clarity around the intention of us working together, and make sure we are a right fit.

Pilot Your Life – Health Coaching Sessions

This service is client driven. As a health coach, my role is to partner with you to motivate and empower you to reach your health goals and the changes you desire via your strengths, and positive sustainable lifestyle changes in a safe and judgment free environment. This promotes autonomy and self-efficacy.

Goal setting
Action plans
Unconditional support and encouragement
Support between sessions

Enlightenment – Health Coaching/Mind-Body Practitioner Sessions

The intention of this service is to bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions, and/or behaviors to help you become more self-aware, to set goals for your future, and to learn alternative management skills for a positive and healthier outcome.

Goal setting
Stress Management techniques
Text/Email/Phone/Video session options
Healthier coping methods
Unconditional support and encouragement

***Accepting New Clients for this service September 2023***

Stress Management Sessions

The intention of this service is to provide stress reduction techniques, exercises, enlightenment, and knowledge for healthy stress reduction.

Vent Session

In these sessions, I simply care, and provide a safe space to vent your feelings. Sometimes there is not much we can do to change a situation; however, expressing ourselves can be cathartic. I may ask questions for clarity. If you ask for my opinion, I will give it.

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