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LegaSE’s special body oil products can be used liberally over the body without a greasy or oily look/feel. These products are specifically made for you and handmade with love.

  • Will leave the skin moisturized and soft.
  • May reduce appearance of scars/stretch marks over time.
  • Shake well. Best to apply after bathing.

Almond oil based


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3 reviews for LegaSE Body Oil

  1. Abena

    I use this oil on my body, face and hair, I’ve no problems at all, it doesn’t clore my pores or leave a build up like other oils I’ve tried.

  2. Tova

    Its very hard to find a oil that doesn’t leave a residue or have a exam shine. This oil the perfect combination for everyday use.

  3. Max

    i use this oil every dang day. This is something i will be buying again!

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