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LegaSE’s Hand-made natural hair care products in efforts to promote care for your natural hair. These products are specifically made for you and handmade with love.

Hair Scalp Butters – Coconut oil or Shea Butter Based hair butters. Apply and massage into scalp and/or hair as desired.

Hair and Scalp Oils – Apply and massage onto scalp for at least 2 minutes, 2-3 times weekly or as desired. For best results, warm oil, apply to scalp/hair, and cover with a plastic bag for 20 minutes.

Potential Benefits:

  • Hair Growth
  • Stronger & Thicker Hair
  • Increase Elasticity
  • Moisture Retention
  • Itch Relief


Hair Porosity Test

After you have washed your hair, and it is dry with no products on them, take a piece of hair (possibly one that sheds naturally in the comb) and drop them into a glass of water.

  • Hair that is low porosity will float, meaning it takes more time to absorb products/water.
  • Hair that is ‘normal/high’ porosity will float and then begin to sink slowly. This means your hair can take in products/water easily.


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1 review for LegaSE Hair Care

  1. RB

    This oil has really helped my hair retain moisture!

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