Craving Freedom


Have you ever had a craving for freedom? Like you’re so close you can almost taste it. I sometimes wonder what it is, what it feels like. Have you ever felt like you’re trapped in your skin? Feeling like the black Spiderman, and I want to scream until the limits are off.


Feels like I’m trapped in society’s conditions, and there’s no escape to the cycle. Zombie walking through the cycle of life. Work. Bills. Marriage. Kids. Bye?

…In the words of J.Cole, “I want my dreams to rescue me.” …because all the time, I want to escape — I just want to run away. Birds aren’t meant to be caged.


Free Spirit

Lord guide my spirit. Calm the frenzy and commotion I feel in my body. May there be peace in my mind.



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Just sharing the journey through my lens, and if it helps correct your lens too, that'd be awesome!

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