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Adrenal Glands x Mind-Body Connection E-course


Click here for Adrenal Glands x Mind-Body Connection course This course is designed for a better understanding of the adrenal glands, its function, and the relevance to the mind-body connection. It is important to address and understand the root cause of a concern, not only for yourself, but for clients if you are in the field to serve them. The depth of the education may better assist by having...

Self-Care Practices with HigherDOSE


The Ultimate Self-Care Ritual Image Source Give yourself permission to practice self-care rituals that prioritize your own standards of happiness. In today’s busy, over-stimulated world, taking the time to slow down can often feel overly indulgent and unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. Allowing yourself the time and space to rest and revive is one of the best ways to stimulate clarity...

Healthy Love


Learn others love language. Healthy relationships. Healthy bodies. Toxic relationships. Toxic bodies. Whats in you, will come out. If theres no hate in you, no hate will come out of you. If theres no love in you, no love will come out of you. What is your relationship like with yourself? Others are mirrors of relationship with self Be true to yourself. BeYOUtiful Share...

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