In conclusion, medical doctors treat diseases and the symptoms of the disease; I want to tackle why we have diseases and how we can be more educated to keep ourselves healthy. The emotional development and ability to cope with stress is vital factor in ones being, and it is never too late to learn how to heal the body and mind. Patients must learn how to manage stress, how to cope, understand their triggers, and overcome them. It is a proven fact that a person is able to be perfectly healthy with high levels of stress, if one understands the mind-body connection and knows how to manage it effectively. I want to help people understand how their thoughts and emotions affect their health, and how to manage it. When Chakeria was in the hospital, although mainly intended to treat an immediate medical condition, was not assessed mentally or emotionally. Chakeria unknowingly made herself suffer for years; simply because she had no idea she was stressing.

Since having so many family members with medical conditions, I have always been determined to help people and find out just how the body works. In researching, if this theory proves true, unresolved emotional pain, and coping methods may be the start of many diseases, the possibilities for other diseases are endless. I have explored possibilities for many different diseases and medical conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia etc., and they all follow this theory. Medicine is man-made. Although medication has evolved, and helped tremendously over the years, if there is no proof that an environmental or a chemical imbalance set off the immune system decline as the initial problem, why has society become so accustomed to believe medication/chemicals will fix the problem? Please do not confuse me, I am not stating we need to banish medical, as there are still many needs of medical. This is medical/psych becoming more of a team to provide care and regulate total body health.

 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT

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