Growth Looks So Good On You!

Growth & change can be uncomfortable, but it is always necessary. Just as a seed blossoms to a flower/fruit/tree etc, a caterpillar to butterfly, you can grow into the best & highest form of yourself.

There are always opportunities for you to reinvent yourself to the best version of who you* want to be rather than who others want you to be… Step out your comfort zone, and limits people have set for you. Trust the direction of your life.

Although this life is yours, how does your growth affect those closest to you?

You could have gotten out of/back into [lol] character, but its no longer triggering your inner[G] – so you give it no more energy.
Growth looks so good on you!


On Men In Black, they could hold up their device, click it, and BOOM. Noone remembers anything that happened just a few seconds ago! 😮 We are able to have crimes expunged off our records. & When they are expunged, they are erased or removed completely. The only people that would be able to speak on the crime are the people who knew ‘you’ at the time. Do they still know ‘you?’ Any new person would have never suspected anything. Its a blank slate.

Can we have other ‘wrongs’ expunged from our life? If we knew people were ‘convicted’ before, when are we able to lay down judgements + convictions and look at people with fresh eyes? …Love keeps no records of wrongs, right?

You are allowed to change your mind.
You are allowed to stand up for something you previously laughed at.
You are allowed to change your boundaries.
You are allowed to say no to things you previously said yes to.
You are allowed to plant different seeds for your life.
You are allowed to grow.
Growth looks so good on you. Keep going.



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