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I think we have so many people out of wack because they don’t know and accept who they are. People don’t understand how vulnerable a growing brain is…. Teenagers are trying to raise children and they are subjected to seeing everything thinking they won’t be affected…they are affected. They tell you, you need money to … Continue reading Freedom

"$50,000 on yo head is disrespect. You are worth more than a mf check!!" $ for turning someone in. $ as a settlement when they murder you. $ on yo brother/sister head, dead or alive. #FleshForCash #Slavery I dont care who you are, or what you do... if you put a net worth on yourself, … Continue reading


“…The Wound Isn’t Your Fault, but”

"... the wound is probably not your fault, but the healing is your responsibility." We can't always choose the hand were dealt, but we choose how we play that hand ☆ Its not your fault he/she hurt you, broke your heart, stepped on your shoe, spread lies, called you names, etc but it is your … Continue reading “…The Wound Isn’t Your Fault, but”

Hello Kidneys

Kidney Function & Dehydration Function – Responsible for reproduction, growth and development & maturation, connected with lungs in water metabolism and respiration, responsible for bones, teeth, hearing and head hair Kidneys helps cells take in nutrients, control blood pressure, remove waste from the blood and urine, and balance fluids. Every day, the kidneys filter around 120-150 quarts … Continue reading Hello Kidneys