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I think we have so many people out of wack because they don’t know and accept who they are. People don’t understand how vulnerable a growing brain is…. Teenagers are trying to raise children and they are subjected to seeing everything thinking they won’t be affected…they are affected. They tell you, you need money to… Continue reading Freedom


Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious

Understanding the Conscious Mind The conscious mind is the objective or thinking mind. It has no memory, and it can only hold one thought at a time. The mind has four essential functions. First, it identifies incoming information. This is information received through any of the six senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, or feeling.… Continue reading Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious


Well Hello Mr. Grumpy Gills…

"When a cartoon character gets angry, steams comes out the ears, red creeps over the body from head to toe and there may even be an explosion or two. It's not as entertaining to watch in real life, but the state of anger causes physical effects in us as well. The response varies from person… Continue reading Well Hello Mr. Grumpy Gills…