25 Laws for a 25 year old…

Do you vow to…

  1. Love yourself baby or nobody will
    • Love yourself unconditionally.
  2. “Dis me, Love or hate it”
    • Everyone has their own standards set for you. Religious, appearance, academically etc. it isn’t your job to fulfill their wants of you. You can’t make everyone happy, it isn’t your job to. Do what makes you happy, but continue to work to become a better you.
    • “When you try to make everyone happy, the only unhappy one is you!”
  3. Put down the phone
    • If all social networks were to crash, what would you do?
    • Stop scrolling. Start living.
  4. Socialize
    • Be open to networking and making new friendships/relationships.
  5. Can you change it?
    • If you can change it why worry? If it’s only a future possibility, why stress? Just pray. Work on the things you can change, accept what you cannot.
  6. Stay true to yourself
    • Don’t change ideas, personality, priorities, or standards for the acceptance of others.
  7. Aren’t you out of breath?
    • You will never have to chase what wants to stay. Stop chasing love, it will find you.
  8. Its okay to make mistakes
    • That’s how you learn & it’s okay if you haven’t figured it all out yet.
  9. Focus on your goals.
    • Year of the visionary in full effect.
    • Make short term objectives to reach your long term goals.
    • Grind til’ you own it.
  10. NO!
    • Sometimes you just have to say it, don’t feel bad about it. Your only job is to take care of you.
  11. Knowledge is power
    • More reading, writing, research.
    • “A person who rejects knowledge is a fool.”
  12. You are AMAZING!!!
    • Don’t just act like it, believe it. It’s okay to be confident in yourself.
  13. Live in the moment
    • Everything doesn’t require a plan.
  14. What are your beliefs/core values?
    • Self-explanatory. If you don’t believe in it, why are you doing it?
  15. Buy it, you deserve it.
    • Spend a little money on yourself sometimes! You work enough.
  16. This is YOUR life
    • Just because someone tells you you’re good at something does not mean you need to do it. This life is yours, nobody walks into your job for you, and no one does your homework for you…find your passion, and pursue it. You can be whatever you want to be.
  17. Your feelings are valid.
    • And they are justified, but don’t dwell.
  18. Above all else, SLAY.
    • On those “unpretty” days, put on some lip gloss, fix your hair, dance in the mirror. Admire yourself.
  19. Does he/she really deserve you?
    • Make sure you want him for the right reasons… & vice versa.
  20. Be happy. Humble. Thankful.
    • Remember where you come from.
    • Lend a helping hand without expecting something in return
    • Spread love
    • Love life
    • Put your pride/ego to the side
  21. Regular alone dates
    • If you can’t enjoy your own company, “Houston we have a problem.”
    • I think I’m the coolest person to me.
  22. Try new things
    • Have fun, why so serious?
  23. Write your vision
    • Then your plan.
  24. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?
    • They say if a plane crashes, to put your mask on first before you try to help others. Same rules apply. You can’t help people if you, yourself are in shambles. You come first. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
  25. Be.you.tiful
    • No one is you and that is your power. Why waste that power trying to be someone else FOR someone else?
    • Acknowledge where you’ve been.
    • Accept it as part of your beauty. This makes you, you. Your true beauty resonates.

“Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation.”

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