Sacral Therapy

Sacral therapy:

  • Eat orange-coloured foods, such as carrots, oranges and capsicums, seeds, nuts
  • Be gentle and kind to yourself
  • Have a long bath with lots of gorgeous bath oil and candles
  • Watch some romantic movies (alone or with someone else!)
  • Celebrate the little achievements in life
  • Visualise orange pouring into this chakra
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Dance
  • Relax near water
  • Sing
  • Confidence building
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Let go of unhealthy emotions, people, memories
  • Let go of negative baggage
  • Acupressure
  • Massage

Yoga Poses

  • Upavistha
  • Open angle pose
  • Konasana

Healing Stones

  • Carnelian
  • Orange calcite
  • Tigers eye
  • Moonstone
  • Orange jasper
  • Topaz
  • Agate



  • Fennel
  • Coriander
  • Red raspberry leaf
  • Marshmallow
  • Oatstraw
  • Motherwort

High Vibrational Foods

  • Carrot
  • Mango
  • Orange
  • Pumpkin
  • Squash
  • Liquids are important
  • Melon
  • Ccoconut
  • Cinnamon
  • Water

Essential Oils

  • Cedar
  • Clove
  • Cypress
  • Bergamont
  • Clary sage
  • Orange
  • Ylang-ylang marjoram
  • Myrrh
  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli
  • Rose
  • Gardenia
  • Damiana



[[You typically can not heal the root causes of ailments with affirmations. If you don’t do the core emotional healing and inner child work you will continue to suffer from addictions, cravings, be stuck in unhealthy relationships.]]


  • ABDOMINAL CRAMPS: Fear. Stopping the process
    • Affirmation: I trust the process of life. I am safe.
  • ADDICTIONS: Running away from self, Not facing the fear. Not knowing how to love the self.
    • Affirmation: It is safe to look within for the answers I seek.
    • I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself.
  • ALCOHOLISM / ABUSE: Feeling of Futility, guilt, inadequacy, self-rejection. “What’s the use?”
    • Affirmation: I live in the now. Each moment is new. I choose to see my self-worth. I love and approve of myself.
  • ALLERGIES: Denying your own power. You are allergic to someone who or yourself denies your power
      • Affirmation: The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life.
  • ANOREXIA: Denying the self and life. Extreme fear of rejection.
    • Affirmation: It is safe for me. I am wonderful just as I am. I choose joy and self-acceptance.
  • ASTHMA: Smother love. Inability to breathe for one’s self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying.
    • Affirmation: It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life. I choose to be free.


  • BACKRepresent the support of life.
    • Affirmation: I know that life always supports me.
    • MIDDLE BACK: Guilt. Stuck in all that stuff back there or Get off my back.
      • Affirmation: I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart..
  • BED-WETTING: Fear of parent. Usually Father
    • Affirmation: This child is seen with love, with compassion & with understanding. All is well.
  • BLADDER PROBLEMS: Anxiety. Holding on to old ideas. Fear of letting go. Being pissed off.
    • Affirmation: I comfortably & easily release the old & welcome the new in my life. I am safe.
  • BULIMIA: Hopeless terror. Purging self hatred.
    • Affirmation: I am loved, nourished and supported by life. It is safe for me to be alive.


  • CANDIDA: Feeling very scattered. Lots of frustration and anger. Demanding and untrusting in relationships. Great takers.
    • Affirmation: I give myself permission to be all that I can be, and I deserve the very best in life. I love and appreciate myself and others.
  • CIRCULATION: Lack of joy or the lack of circulation of ideas.
    • Affirmation: Joyous new ideas are circulating freely within me
  • CRAMPSTension. Fear. Gripping. Holding on.
    • Affirmation: I relax & allow my mind to be peaceful.




  • FIBROID’S: Nursing a hurt from a partner, a blow to the feminine ego.
    • Affirmation: I release the pattern in me that attracted this experience. I create only good in my life.
  • FRIGIDITY: Fear. Denial of pleasure. A belief that sex is bad. Insensitive partners. Fear of father.
    • Affirmation:



  • HIP PROBLEMS: Fear of going forward in major decisions.
    • Affirmation: I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age.


  • IMPOTENCE: Sexual guilt or pressure, feeling spite against a previous mate
    • Affirmation: I now allow the full power of my sexuality to flow with ease and with joy.
    • Affirmation: I have perfect digestive health
    • I love eating healthy foods that are good for my stomach
    • Healthy intestines are my natural right



  • KIDNEY PROBLEMS: Criticism, disappointment, failure. Shame. Reacting like a child.
    • Affirmation: [Divine] Right is always taking place in my life. Only good comes from each experience. It is safe to grow up.
  • KIDNEY STONES: Lumps of undissolved anger.
    • Affirmation: I dissolve all past problems with ease.



  • MENSTRUAL IMBALANCE/PMS: Rejection of one’s femininity. Guilt or feeling “dirty.
    • Affirmation: My bodily processes are a natural part of life. I love and approve of myself.
  • MISCARRAGE: Fear of the future. Inappropriate timing.
    • Affirmation: With every breath I take, I am sending love and gratitude to my changing, pregnant, body!
    • I release any hatred I feel towards my body!
    • I release any disgust I feel about my body!
    • I release any loathing I feel towards my body!
    • I release any dissatisfaction I feel about my body!
    • I release any depression I have about my body!
    • I release any anger I have about my changing, pregnant body!
    • I release any guilt I feel for feeling this way!
    • I release blame!
    • I release conflict!
    • I release worry!
    • I release shame!
    • I release resentment!
    • I release all this fear!
    • I release and let go of the belief that I have been taken over. I now remember that this experience is a co-creation!
  • MUSCLE SPASMS: Tightening our thoughts through fear.

    • Affirmation:  I release all restrictions , I relax and let go. I am free to be me.



    • Affirmation: I am balanced in my creative flow. The movies of my mind are beautiful because I choose to make them so. I love me.


  • POST MENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS): Allowing confusion to reign. Giving power to outside influences. Rejection of the feminine processes.
    • Affirmation: I now take charge of my mind and my life. I am powerful, dynamite woman. Every part of my body functions perfectly. I love me.
  • PROSTATERepresents the masculine principle.
    • Affirmation: I accept and rejoice in my masculinity.
  • PROSTATE PROBLEMS: Mental fears weakening the masculinity. Sexual pressure and feelings of guilt or inadequacy.
    • Affirmation: I accept my own power. I embrace life and feel young in spirit. I love and approve of myself.




    • I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.
    • Pleasure is a sacred part of my life.
    • I trust the process of  life.
    • I embrace my sensuality and sexuality.
    • I honor my sacred body vessel and treat it with respect.
    • The universe is full of sweetness and beauty.
    • I am a creature of light, open to the magic of the universe.
    • I am grateful for the joy of being me.
    • I go with the flow with grace and  ease.
    • I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me.
    • Goodness, divinity, beauty and joy resonate within my soul.
    • My life is graceful and pleasurable.
    • I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.
    • Healing occurs each time I rest, relax and luxuriate in an experience.
    • Rest and play are a regular part of my healthy life.
    • I am joyful. I am spontaneous. I am creative.
    • My body responds to thoughts of pure love and goodness.
    • Nobody needs to fix or heal me. I reclaim my personal power to look after myself.
    • As I love and respect myself, healing happens naturally.
    • My emotions are balanced.
    • I feel complete peace from within.
    • I release any need to self-medicate with addictive substances or behaviors.
    • I am free from any emotional connection to self-medicate with food.
    • When I am tired, I rest or sleep.
    • I allow my feelings to move through me and release the need to numb them.
    • I am a creative being.
    • I am always creating masterpieces for my own pleasure.
    • My sexuality is vibrant.
    • It is safe to express my sexuality in healthy ways.
    • I am a sacred being, worthy of love and desirable to others.
    • I am comfortable in my body.
    • I attract like-minded people who support and love me.
    • My relationships are safe.
    • Sex is a sacred connection.
    • I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life. I am in touch with my feelings. I am a creative being.
    • I give myself permission to change.
    • No person, place, or thing has any power over me. I am free.
    • I create a new life with new rules that totally support me.
    • The past is over. I choose to love and approve of myself in the now.
    • I easily and comfortably release that which I no longer need in life.
    • I am doing the best I can. I am wonderful. I am at peace.
    • I am willing to change and grow. I now create a safe, new future.
    • I refuse to limit myself. I am always willing to take the next step.
    • I choose to handle all my experiences with love, joy, and ease.
    • I love and cherish myself. It is safe for me to care for myself.
    • I now choose to support myself in loving, joyous ways.
    • All desire for cigarettes [or alcohol or whatever it is you’re addicted to] has left me and I am free.
    • I always choose good food over junk
    • I am disciplined with my eating habits
    • I always resist the temptation of junk food
    • I am healthy and strong because I eat only the best foods
    • I crave fresh and healthy foods
    • My mind is attuned to what my body needs
    • I provide the best possible nutrition for my body
  • SKIN: Protects our individuality. Anxiety, fear. Old, buried things. I am being threatened.
  • Skin Conditions: Anxiety, fear, feeling threatened. Old buried guck.
    • Affirmation: I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven & forgotten. I am free in this moment.
  • SPLEENObsessions. Being obsessed about things.
    • Affirmation: I love& approve of myself. I trust the process of life to be there for me. I am safe. All is well
  • STOMACHHolds nourishment. Digest ideas & feelings.
    • Affirmation: I digest life with ease.
  • STOMACH & INTESTINAL PROBLEMS: Dread, fear of the new, or not feeling nourished.
    • Affirmation: Life agrees with me. I assimilate the new every moment of everyday. All is well. I relax& allow my mind to be peaceful.


  • TESTICULAR PROBLEMS: Not accepting masculine principles, or the masculinity within.
    • Affirmation: Not accepting masculine principles, or the masculinity within. 


  • URINARY PROBLEMS: Feeling pissed off! Usually at the opposite sex or lover. Blaming others
    • Affirmation: I release the pattern in my consciousness that created this condition. I am willing to change. I love and approve of myself.


  • VAGINITISAnger at mate. Sexual guilt. Punishing the self.
    • Affirmation: Others mirror the love & self approval I have for myself. I rejoice in my sexuality.
  • VOMITING: Violent rejection of ideas. Fearing the new.
    • Affirmation: I digest life safely and joyously. Only good comes to me and through me.


  • Womb Problems





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