Ill break yo heart I’m sure,
Dont get too attached
But you played the game,
& its all over now…

Really thought I picked the right dude.
Got my attention, reeled me in,
Then got me hooked…
Like bait food.

But then…
He gave ya girl the cold shoulder
Im tryna stay open, but my heart growin, colder.
Dont give a fcuk about nobody feelins,
U can leave, ion care,
I learned the world keeps spinnin.

And I’m,
Just tryna give my pain some healin…
Get out of bed,
Crack a smile,
But I cant shake this feelin.

I’m just so emotionless.
No more feelins,
Look, I learned to use my emotions – less.

I wont allow myself to be vulnerable.
U cant get close to me,
Ull never see me down so low.

And they,
Keep sayin they miss the old me.
I swear I’m tryin,
Ion mean to treat yall differently.

Its just,
I trained myself to be emotionless.
Got my heart broken,
So now I use my emotions – less.


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