To detoxify, your body needs energy. To produce energy, your body needs minerals. Minerals nourish your adrenals and thyroid. They are the main organs used for energy production


Did you know that the soil mineral content is much lower than it was 50 years ago? This is because of declining nutritional content because of agricultural practices such as pesticides, pest resistance and newer farming techniques

A study at the Kushi institute analysis of nutrient info from 1975 to 1997 found that average calcium levels in 12 veggies dropped 27%, iron dropped 37%, vitamin A dropped 21%, & vitamin C dropped 30%. This is why playing in the dirt can be so healthy for children (especially back in the day). Exposing them to soil microbes & minerals improves their immune system!  @dr.jess.md @mosi_shabaka @legase_ @chakabars #laughlovethinkfacts😂💜💭💯


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