Love Your Melanin

Melanin is found in almost every organ of the body, and is necessary in order for the brain and nerves to operate, eyes to see, and the cells to reproduce. It is also found in almost every animal on the planet.

Some of the different types of melanin include eumelanin, pheomelanin and neuromelanin.

Eumelanin is found in the hair, skin and dark areas around the nipples. It provides black and brown pigment to the hair, skin and eyes. When eumelanin is present only in small amounts, hair may be blonde.

Pheomelanin is also found in the hair and skin. This type of melanin provides pink and red colors and is the main pigment found among red-haired individuals. This type of melanin is not as protective against UV- radiation induced cancer as eumelanin.

Neuromelanin is a form of melanin found in different areas of the brain and loss of this melanin may cause several neurological disorders

Some people make more melanin than others. Everyone has about the same number of cells that make melanin, but not everybody makes the same amount of melanin. The more melanin your skin makes, the darker your skin.

Melanin can absorb a great amount of energy [ie: sunlight/xrays etc] and yet not produce a tremendous amount of heat when it absorbs this energy, because it can transform harmful energy into useful energy. So in the summer, when you absorb the light, this is why you get darker. Your body produces more melanin in response to absorbing light.

Also, did you know the price of melanin is over $350 a gram? That’s more than gold!

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