Acupuncture x Depression Session

This session has been brought to you by Dr. Veronika Tynes with Vivid Recovery + Chakeria Woods with LegaSE Spiritual Enlightenment with hopes of you all gaining more knowledge about depression, as well as alternative medicine and acupuncture as one of the treatment options. For more information or services, please Contact Us.

People drown in depression & dont know how to cope or have unhealthy coping methods. Lets learn healthier methods. You may think its cute & cool to see your friends party, and drink/smoke themselves crazy… but there is pain, stress + a need to escape reality.

Smokers are more prone to some type of stress + sadness/depression. — Understsnd that you have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. Lovingly live life to the fullest. Love your life! You are not alone.

Drinkers are more prone to stress + anger/frustration. — Choose to live in the now. Each moment is new. Choose to see your self-worth. Love and approve of yourself.

#Depression Anger, hopelessness.
Affirmation: I now go beyond other peoples fears and limitations. I create my own life.

We are taught to sweep our problems under the rug, our problems aren’t a big deal, not to tell anyone… In turn, we begin to think speaking about our problems become burdensome for others so we keep it all in. Silence brings you sickness, some stuff must be vocal! Once you feel that depression kicking in, do something about it. Reach out, exercise, write it out, talk it out, accept help, take time to process your emotions. Keep yo e[nergy] in motion. You are wonderful & awesome af! You are here for a reason. Choose to love & enjoy youself.

  • What makes you happy?
  • Are you happy?


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