Detach From Outcomes

Detach From Outcomes
Do you struggle to detach from outcomes? Do you have a hard time letting go and accepting the way things unfold? So many times we try to control the outcomes of situations, manipulate circumstances, people, and/or obsess and freak out if things don’t go our expected way.

Be honest with yourself
💭In what ways are you obsessing over an outcome?
💭Are you attached to something happening in the timeframe you’re comfortable with?
💭Are you fixated on someone doing something in the way you want?

You might think a situation has to play out a certain way and will be a disaster if it doesn’t, so you monitor Every. Single. Detail.
Anxiety is inevitable when we live & think like this, bc we’re constantly on high alert. Our anxious state sends a vibrational message to the Universe that we want more anxiety! 👎#VibrateHigher

You may think you’re being controlling in order not to feel anxious or disappointed, but the Universe responds only to energy, not manipulation. Youll receive more of whatever you’re emitting. Think of your emotions as e(nergy) in motion.

Not being able to detach from outcomes, blocks your ability to manifest your desires and co-create. With being detached, we become willing to allow and receive + let it unfold as it will.
To detach, Recognize HOW you’re attached to the outcome

You have to get honest about how you’re attached to it 1st. Ie: ‘I’m obsessed with the outcome of this. I’ve been flipping out over the outcome of this.’ Start to pay attention to how that attachment is affecting your energy & your vibrational frequency. How is it making you feel? You can start to see how it may not be serving you & how it may be blocking you from receiving it at all.

Fully surrender w prayers/affirmations. Ie: “I surrender this attachment and I allow the Universe|God to show me where to go and what to do.
This will shift your energy.

By allowing and letting go, you start to come into an energy frequency that is receptive and detached. You start to manifest your desires, while leaving the details up to God|The Universe.

Source: @gabbybernstein

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