Kids R Us

Life + death lies in the power of the tongue.
How many times have you gotten ready to do something, and that inner voice, says ‘nah, you cant do that.’ ‘Youre fat.’ ‘youre ugly.’ ‘you arent good enough.’ ‘Just suck it up!’ etc etc?

Did you change your mind about what you wanted to do? Sometimes hurtful words can be used for motivation, but sometimes words can deeply wound.

Imagine if that voice reminded you ‘you can do it!’ ‘Youre GORGEOUS😍’ ‘we will get thru this’ ‘youre so smart!’ Your words affect, and can INFECT. They can tear down, or build up. Your words can tear YOU down, or build YOU up. What kind of thoughts have been instilled in you?
With every word, Speak life.


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