Kids R Us

Life + death lies in the power of the tongue.
How many times have you gotten ready to do something, and that inner voice, says ‘nah, you cant do that.’ ‘Youre fat.’ ‘youre ugly.’ ‘you arent good enough.’ ‘Just suck it up!’ etc etc?Did you change your mind about what you wanted to do? Sometimes hurtful words can be used for motivation, but sometimes words can deeply wound.Imagine if that voice reminded you ‘you can do it!’ ‘Youre GORGEOUS😍’ ‘we will get thru this’ ‘youre so smart!’ Your words affect, and can INFECT. They can tear down, or build up. Your words can tear YOU down, or build YOU up. What kind of thoughts have been instilled in you?
With every word, Speak life.

Kids R Us 👀 & i hear its hard to discipline the YOU out of them. 😆😬😣😅 LolInfants and toddlers learn from their parents, caregivers and even from watching television/youtube. What are we teaching? What are they learning?#LaughLoveThinkFacts😂💜💭💯

Childhood wounds – The wound that is created when a parents unhealed emotional wounds and trauma are passed to the children.
Problems experienced in childhood can impact our quality of life as adults & can significantly influence how we’ll interact with our own children and face adversity.

When a person doesn’t heal before they have children, they will pass on their own beliefs about themself. Their shame and low self-worth will project onto the children who internalize the same beliefs about themselves. Even if these beliefs are untrue they are adopted as “reality.” People don’t understand how vulnerable a growing brain is. Teenagers are trying to raise children and they are subjected to seeing everything thinking they won’t be affected…they are affected.

They tell you, you need money to raise a kid etc but forget to say be emotionally & mentally sound…but for brown people we were doomed from the start. Think about our grandparents, great grandparents, ancestors etc… we’ve been super exposed + subjected to growing up seeing slavery stuff, hate, abuse, abandonment, separation etc. The things a child sees, how they were raised, will affect the things they do, the way they think, the way they are etc. ….children are not resilient, they see and pick up on everything no matter how people try to fake it in front of them + We become emotionally crippled by wounds that were never our own. & that load is heavy. Set it down. #BagLady

The wound manifests differently for everyone. Some people cope through ‘hero’ worship and people who cope through rage and mistrust for every male/female they encounter. Both are forms of protection. Both hold deep pain that mentally block us from the life we seek.

Some common childhood wounds include: physical/emotional abandonment. Rejection. Humiliation. Injustice. Betrayal. Lack of affection.

It is time to break the curse.

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