The Mind-Body connection is powerful. Mental and emotional health includes being able to know your triggers, heal your trauma, and manage your feelings and behaviors effectively. Anything that manifests physically, started first as thought and emotion, so remember to have your mental and emotional health treated. What’s on your mind? This section is filled with information and resources that contribute to mental health. 

Mind. Will. Emotion.
Understanding the Brain
The Role of Rumination
Understanding the Effects of Inflamed Thinking

Thoughts. Words. Actions.

Stress, Triggers, Trauma, Values, Beliefs
Understanding Stress
Stress Yields Behavioral Effects
Kids R Us
Yes, I’m Triggered
Overwhelmed and/or Uncertain?

E(nergy) motional Health + Enlightenment
How Emotions Affect Organs
Well Hello Mr. Grumpy Gills…
Worry, Distrust, + Anxie-TEA
Vulnerability Is Strength
Unconditional Love Video
Relationships Video

Behavioral Health + Enlightenment
Attachment Style
Ignoring a Crying Baby – Trust x Mistrust Video
Love Me, Don’t Leave Me
Reassure Me Please!
Are You Ignoring Me?
Suicide Awareness
“What Are Your Intentions With My Daughter…??”
No More Sideline Hoes! Video
Give Me Attention, Please.
Let’s Get Rich!
We Are On The Same Team!

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