What’s Wrong w This Generation?


You were made to love. Its the highest frequency. Hate in your heart only consumes you.
Respect yourself & others… when you refer to yourself/others as a bi*tch, you become more willing to act, think, be treated like, and respond to it. #WordsLeadToTheHeartOfPeople #BeWhoYouWannaBe #ButIdSayBeROYALTY
Express yourself. “silence brings you sickness, some shii must be vocal!” -@acehood Internalizing emotions can be a recipe for disaster. Keep yo E(nergy) in motion
Who do you look up to? Why?

Who cares about the tea, let’s talk about how we gone eat!

Stay true to yourself, your dreams. Make decisions for you! Fill your own cup first!

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Just sharing the journey through my lens, and if it helps correct your lens too, that'd be awesome!

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