Overwhelmed and/or Uncertain?

Overwhelm and uncertainty are some of the biggest causes of stress. Avoiding what gives you stress is not the same as solving the problem.

bury or drown beneath a huge mass.
defeat completely.
give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate.
“they were overwhelmed by farewell messages”

Overwhelm is what you cannot control. Ie: the amount of work, or having external pressures.

Here’s an exercise:
Think back on the last 2 weeks of your life to current. What demands/asks for your:

Of those that demand or request your energy, time + attention, does any of them contribute to taking care of yourself? Ie: exercise, hair care, ‘me time,’ skin care, dr. Appt etc

What are the benefits/intangible benefits?

Is the benefit worth your energy, time, and attention?

Can anything be eliminated?

Stress kills. Literally.
Move your body at least once an hour. Get your heart rate up, + let it fall back down.
Eat better.
Get sleep so you can process emotional stress and let the body rest.
Stress less.
Change your breath. – Sing, laugh etc. It is a mood elevator.

Choose to take care of you. What is your why?
I will [protect my peace, stress less, get more sleep] bc when I dont [im crabby, im sick, im stressed, im not a pleasure to be around].

“Life is not about perfection, but moving in the right direction.”


Sometimes people will come into your life & they will like you conditionally. They wont pursue a relationship, but will be fake hurt when u fw other ppl, + guilt you into being loyal to them while they are ‘doing them.’ ☺🙃 Friend/family/job whatever/whoever it is, if you’ve questioned where u stand with no resolve, stand alone. Its better than being stressed, or around people or in situations where you are not fully valued.

Know the difference between when youre being played with, when to exercise patience, and when your worth is not being recognized.



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