Third Eye Therapy

Healing the 3rd eye chakra

  • Lucid dreaming

Yoga Poses

Healing Stones


High Vibrational Foods

Essential Oils


[[You typically can not heal the root causes of ailments with affirmations. If you don’t do the core emotional healing and inner child work you will continue to suffer from addictions, cravings, be stuck in unhealthy relationships.]]



  • Third Eye Chakra Affirmations
    • I am in touch with my inner guidance.
    • I listen to my deepest wisdom.
    • I seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences.
    • I am wise, intuitive, and connected with my inner guide.
    • I nurture my spirit.
    • I listen to the wisdom of elders.
    • I trust my intuition.
    • I forgive the past and learn what was there for me to learn.
    • I forgive myself.
    • I love and accept myself.
    • I know that all is well in my world.
    • I am connected with the wisdom of the universe.
    • I am open to inspiration and bliss.
    • My life moves effortlessly.
    • I am at peace.
    • I am the source of my truth and my love.






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