Vulnerability Is Strength

susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.
“we were in a vulnerable position”

What do you associate with the term vulnerability? Weakness, fear, hurt, risk, betrayal? Do you protect yourself to avoid being hurt? These are the deep-seated emotions people may experience when they reveal aspects of themselves to others.

Vulnerability is an act of courage because you show your true self, instead of hiding behind a barrier to appease others. It can help us deepen our relationship with ourselves and nurture intimacy and connection with others; however, If only one person is vulnerable, and the other person sits on the sidelines, genuine connection can’t happen.

Vulnerability has to be two-sided in order for relationships to deepen.
Some of us are good sharers + Some of us are good listeners.
And some of us can balance both which leads to beautiful connections.

Its important to determine which people, situations, and circumstances are appropriate for us to practice vulnerability. See how others respond when you are vulnerable w them, & if they are willing to be vulnerable as well. Choose to be vulnerable w those who are able to be vulnerable w you.
One sided connections becomes a very unbalanced dynamic.

If you feel the connection is one sided, ask for their thoughts/feelings. Sometimes others doesn’t realize they aren’t sharing but really does want to feel closer.

What is the hardest part about being vulnerable for you?



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