Growth Looks So Good On You!

Growth & change can be uncomfortable, but it is always necessary. Just as a seed blossoms to a flower/fruit/tree etc, a caterpillar to butterfly, you can grow into the best & highest form of yourself. There are always opportunities for you to reinvent yourself to the best version of who you* want to be ratherContinue reading “Growth Looks So Good On You!”

Let’s Get Rich!

The love of money is the root of all evil? .. or Cash is King? How do you view money? If you had an abundance of cash, what would you do? Would your character be different? Do you have more than 1 source of income? What are some ways to increase your revenue? Whats yourContinue reading “Let’s Get Rich!”

Make Em Vibrate Higher!

Dont let the actions of others pull you out of ‘character.’ Instead of lowering your vibration to get back at someone, or treat someone as they’ve treated you, Stay true to yourself. Guard your heart above all else. #StayGracious #BestRevengeIsYourHappiness # You get what you focus on. Energy goes, where attention flows. If you ceaseContinue reading “Make Em Vibrate Higher!”

Message x Messenger

Was his name Yeshua, Jesus, Baal? Its hard to confirm. Do I believe a human came to earth to spread messages? Yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Quran or bible. Same stories. Same messages. Plagarized / re written or not, why do we care who said it first? Do you want toContinue reading “Message x Messenger”

“What Are Your Intentions With My Daughter…??”

in·ten·tion noun 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. “she was full of good intentions” synonyms: aim, purpose, intent, objective, object, goal, target, end Do you move with intentional action? Are you conscious when making decisions? What kind of decisions do you make when youre bored? Do you understand why you do what youContinue reading ““What Are Your Intentions With My Daughter…??””

How Many Of Us Have Them?

How many of us have them…friends?! The ones we can depend on…friends?! Are you inspired by the people in your circle? Do they lift you up or hold you back? Can you tell them good news? Are you friends bc you hate the same people? Do they laugh at your problems w.out suggesting a solution?Continue reading “How Many Of Us Have Them?”

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